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Category: System Dynamics

system dynamics information delay


Delays input value.


syInformationDelay(InputValue, DelayTime, TimeNow)

The syInformationDelay function syntax has the following arguments:

  • InputValue: required. Input value that should get delayed.
  • DelayTime: required. Delay time.
  • TimeNow: required. Reference to a cell with syClock().

Return value is delayed input value.


The InputValue represents the value (as an information) arrived into the delay element during the last time interval.

The function delays the value on its way for the specified DelayTime. If delay is decreasing during simulation time, some values that arrived before will be discarded and replaced by recent ones.

Typical input to this element is syStock() value. Output can be used as DiscreteChange of syState().


  • =syInformationDelay(A3,C3,A1) - Value arriving from cell A3 is delayed by the time that is set as a result of formula in cell C3.