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Download and license instructions

Download and trial license

Spry Simulation add-in is available for 32 and 64-bit versions of Excel for Microsoft 365, Excel 2019 and Excel 2016. .NET Framework 4.0 Runtime is also required.

Download Spry Simulation Add-In

After download, make sure that Excel is not running, then run the setup program and follow its steps. When the installation finishes, start Microsoft Excel. On Spry Simulation ribbon choose Help | Docs > About and click My license button in About dialog box. A License Wizard will open which allows you to apply for the trial license - click on Get Trial License button and enter your full name and email address.

After clicking the Register button, you will receive trial key by email. Click Next in the license Wizard (or open Excel again and lounch License Wizard as above), choose Activate Online, enter activation key and click Activate. When the trial license is activated, you can start the trial use for 3 days.

Permanent license purchase

You can permanently activate Spry Simulation add-in by using the activation key that you will receive by email after the license purchase.

Purchase permanent license (280.00 €)

Activation is valid for one computer only, and the software cannot be activated on another computer. You can obtain one or more licenses with one purchase which allows to activate the Spry Simulation add-in on more computers (one computer per license). In that case, only one activation key will be issued to you.

When you receive permanent license activation key, choose Help | Docs > About on Spry Simulation ribbon, then click My License button in About dialog box. A License Wizard will open. Click Activate Online, enter activation key and click Activate. When the license is activated, you can start to use the Software.

Keep your activation key in a safe place for future use.

Permanent license allows you to install and use subsequent minor versions of Spry - for example if you have a license for version 1.0 you are entitled to use subsequent versions 1.1, 1.2., 1.3...1.21, 1.22, etc. until the next major version 2.0.

License transfer, license deactivation

If you want to transfer the license to another computer, you have to firstly deactivate the key on the first computer by choosing Help | Docs > About on Spry Simulation ribbon and clicking My license button in About dialog box. In License Wizard, choose Deactivate License. After that, you can install add-in on another computer and activate the license by using your activation key as described above.

You can uninstall add-in by closing Excel if it's running, then open Windows Start menu, search for Add or remove programs, find Spry Simulation Add-In, click on it, select Uninstall and follow the steps.

Offline activation / Get your Computer Key

If your computer is not connected to the Internet, you can activate your license by choosing Offline Activation in License Wizard. Enter your activation key and computer key then click Activate. If you have a smartphone with internet access, you can get your computer key by clicking the Scan QR Code. If this does not work for you, please contact us at

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