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Category: Helper Functions

simulation current realization


Returns sequential number of current realization.



The syCurrentRealization function syntax has the following arguments:

  • TimeNow: required. Reference to a cell with syClock().

Return value is sequential number of current realization.


The function returns the current realization's sequential number. Realizations are numbered from 1 to the number of all realizations, as stated by syClock() element. The function is convenient if you want to use the current realization as a parameter in simulation model.


  • syCurrentRealization(A2) - During each realization, the function returns current realization number. Let's say that we have set syClock(15, 24) in cell A2. During entire simulation, Spry will repeat the model execution 15 times, and the function will return numbers from 1 to 15, giving the information about the current realization.